Welcome to BPADZ.com

BPADZ.com is a local web directory targeting at all forms of businesses from brick-n-mortar to online retails to blogshops as well as personal professionals business. Our aim is to collectively partner with all businesses in town to have a central finding system for all business.

Search by Category and Location could make things easier for all daily commutes with a central searching website with updated contents so that consumers will benefit from reaching to them in the most efficient manner. This may be old-school but still its something thats still useful as it is and will be.

Combining the need of a search portal which functions as a method to GET information in which can be done in a easier and more efficient manner together with the result coming out in the form of website or webpages thus allowing the user in search to gain better grounds of the servies or business they are seeking out.

This is where our "MiniPages" comes to play in which it will provide the user in search the details and contact method to access the business or services they are seeking out for a clearer information that they may require.